Did you know that National Train Your Dog Month takes place every January? This event was established by The Association of Professional Dog Trainers with the goal of promoting the many benefits of teaching dogs basic manners. Well-trained dogs are happier, better adjusted, and share stronger bonds with their owners. They are also more confident and tend to experience less anxiety when facing new people, animals, or situations. At PetNest Animal Hospital, we believe that training is an important part of dog ownership and would like to share a few of the many benefits. 

Training Helps Dogs and Owners Bond

Working with your dog one-on-one and teaching them basic manners and commands is a powerful bonding experience. It helps you build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your canine companion. Training your dog also provides much-needed mental stimulation, which can help keep boredom and its associated behavioral problems at bay. 

Training Keeps Dogs in Their Forever Homes

Adopting a pet is supposed to be a life-long commitment. Unfortunately, many dogs are surrendered to shelters or given away when their owners are unable to deal with their behavior. Training your dog teaches them how to behave appropriately and makes them easier to have in your home. And this means you’re much less likely to face a situation where you’d even consider giving up your four-legged family member. 

Training Improves Safety

Like young children, dogs don’t know that certain things are dangerous. They need their owners to teach them not to eat out of the trash can or play in the street. They also need their owners to help them develop strong social skills and learn how to interact with unfamiliar people and animals. By teaching your dog all of these things, you are helping keep them safe. 


You and your canine companion may be unable to speak the same language, but you can communicate with them through training. It takes time and patience, but training your canine companion is one of the kindest things you can do for them. 

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