Wellness care is vital for cats and dogs regardless of their life stage and is the key ingredient to overall health.  At PetNest Animal Hospital, we are experts when it comes to pet wellness care in Frisco, and our team is here to help you provide the appropriate care for your family’s pet throughout all stages of their life. We even offer convenient and affordable wellness plans and packages. Please read on to discover all about routine wellness care and why it’s so fundamental to your cherished fur baby’s general well-being.

What Are Routine Wellness Services?

Wellness care includes a range of veterinary services designed to maintain pets’ overall health and reduce the chances of illness. Normally, a wellness appointment includes a complete physical examination as well as conversations about recommended wellness services like vaccinations as well as parasite prevention and control. Other services may also be discussed, including spaying/neutering, having your fur baby microchipped, specialized senior pet care, or nutritional/behavioral guidance, depending on your companion’s age and certain other considerations.

Why Do These Services Matter?

Making sure that your four-legged best friend’s routine wellness needs are met is one of the most effective ways to keep them by your side for as many years as possible. Along with keeping illnesses at bay, bringing your cat or dog to us for routine veterinary services gives our team an opportunity to detect minor symptoms and begin treatment to prevent further problems. Bringing your pet in every 6 to 12 months (depending on your dog or cat’s life stage and whether they have health problems) can literally add years to their life.

Maintaining Your Pet’s Wellness in Frisco

As experts in pet wellness care in Frisco, our loving team is available to provide the wellness care your fur baby needs throughout their life. From first vaccinations and spaying/neutering for puppies and kittens to ensuring that their changing needs are met as they grow up, our dedicated team is here to offer all of the wellness and preventative care services your companion needs. For comprehensive pet wellness care in Frisco, contact us today!

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