Did you know that, for many areas nationwide, summer is peak flea and tick season? Of course, here in Texas, we deal with them year-round! Nothing is worse than finding out your beloved pet has contracted one of these pests. Ticks and fleas carry diseases that are passed from insect to animal through their bites. They’re also exhausting to get rid of. It’s important to have a PetNest Animal Hospital veterinarian walk you through your options when it comes to prevention.

Why Prevention?

Fleas and ticks usually aren’t easy to get rid of. Avoiding the contraction and spread of these bugs will keep your pet healthier and happier. Developing a flea infestation doesn’t take long once the pests have entered your home. They often go unnoticed and make a home in your carpet, bedding, and furniture. It takes a ton of meticulous cleaning and monitoring to get rid of an infestation once it’s begun. Plus, you always risk your pet’s health once they’ve contracted fleas or ticks. For these reasons, it’s far easier to take preventative measures.

Frisco Flea and Tick Prevention Tips

When taking steps to protect your pet, it’s important that you’re using flea and tick medications safely. Not paying close attention to what you’re giving your furry friends can lead to serious health complications. Many flea and tick medications are designed with specific ages and sizes in mind. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving your pet the right medication and dosage for their body. Also, be aware of any “hacks” you find on the internet. You’ll want to make sure to consult a veterinary professional before trying anything new. There are many fake tips on the internet that could actually harm your pet.

If you’re looking for Frisco flea and tick prevention, or you need to schedule an appointment for your pet, contact PetNest Animal Hospital today.

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