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ACL Repair

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Are you noticing signs of pain in your dog’s legs,

or has your pet been diagnosed with a “torn ACL?”

Dogs do not have ACLs (anterior cruciate ligaments) as people do. In dogs, the connective tissue in their knee is actually a CCL or cranial cruciate ligament. This ligament connects the bone above a dog’s knee to the bone below the knee. As many people know this ligament as the “ACL,” the terms ACL and CCL are often used interchangeably when referring to dogs. At PetNest Animal Hospital, we are proud to work with an expert team that is highly skilled in this procedure and are thrilled to provide ACL surgery for dogs in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding areas.

What to Expect

of ACL Repair

malinois dog on blue background
malinois dog on blue background
Many factors can lead to an injured ACL in your dog, including:
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Obesity and poor fitness
  • Traumatic injury
  • Excessive slope of the tibia plateau
  • Immune-mediated disease
  • Bacteria within the joint

How Do I Know if My Pet Needs CCL Surgery?

If your dog appears to have back leg pain after activity which partially improves with time but is followed by stiffness, or if your dog exhibits mild-to-moderate lameness following heavy activity, this may be a torn CCL. Even if it’s a partial tear, over time, it may worsen, and the limping may become more consistent if not treated. There are several tests during an examination that we can use to diagnose a CCL tear. X-rays can also be used to help us confirm a diagnosis.

Is Dog ACL Surgery Worthwhile?

We understand that any surgery for your beloved pet is a big decision. After this surgery, the good news is that most dogs can start using their newly repaired leg within just days. For about eight weeks following the surgery, an implanted plate and screws are stabilizing your pet’s knee. Once the bone heals, the plate and screws aren’t needed. However, unless an infection or irritation develops, we suggest leaving them in place. With this type of surgery, the veterinary industry reports a 90-95% good-to-excellent outcome.

What Can I Do Other Than Dog ACL Surgery?

If for any reason, you choose not to proceed with ACL surgery for your pet, there are non-surgical approaches we may recommend.

Pain Management

Anti-inflammatories or other pain relief medications may keep your pet comfortable.

Modified Exercise

Dogs may benefit from gentle stretching, swimming, and walking. Physical therapy may also improve motion. Exercise can also help with weight management, range of motion, and comfort. Take any exercise gradually and slowly, and ask your veterinarian for advice.

Weight Management

In overweight pets, weight loss is one of the most helpful things that you can do for an ACL injury. Obesity increases the risk of leg injuries, and weight loss can improve health and may reduce the need for ACL surgery.


Certain supplements are shown to have a positive impact. Discuss your dog’s specific case with your veterinarian.
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ACL Surgery for Dogs in Frisco, TX

At PetNest Animal Hospital, we understand how much you love your pet. No matter the reason for your visit, we will ensure your pet receives the best care available from professionals who genuinely care. To learn more about ACL surgery and treatment for your pet or make an appointment, call us today at (469) 956-6100.

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PetNest Animal Hospital performs Dog ACL surgery for pets in Frisco, Aubrey, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Allen, Carrollton, Little Elm, and the surrounding areas.
PetNest Animal Hospital performs Dog ACL surgery for pets in Frisco, Aubrey, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Allen, Carrollton, Little Elm, and the surrounding areas.
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